Our research has allowed us to put together an integrative approach
to treat debilitating Headaches and Migraines.

Benefits of Participation

To the Chiropractor:

New Revenue Stream

Become a highly trained Headache-Migraine Specialist

High dollar, program of care

Average visit is $200-$300

Diagnostic and Therapy equipment can be performed by your Team Members (very low doctor time)

Pre-qualified patient referrals from other health care professionals

Increase your treating radius by 50-100 miles (watch our testimonials)

In-office training

Full time support by experienced trainers

Diagnostic and Therapy equipment can be used on existing patients

Increased education, increases your scope of practice

chiro working on neck.fw

To the Patient:

For the millions of Americans who are afflicted with chronic Headaches and Migraines, relief can seem impossible to come by. These conditions can be debilitating, causing loss of precious family time, quality of life, and work.

We specialize in tough to treat patients, many have seen numerous doctors and specialists, have had multiple tests, have been prescribed multiple medications and under gone various types of treatments. For many patients, they have been left with little to no reduction in pain or frequency of Headaches and Migraines.

Our proven diagnostic and treatment program has been giving long lasting relief to many chronic headache and migraine suffers for over a decade. The IMSA program is based around peer review medical research, dating back to 1995.

We use cutting edge technology, in order to provide an accurate analysis of the nervous, muscular, skeletal and hormonal systems, and to identify and uncover the underlying causes of TMD, Headaches and Migraines.

The therapy sessions are dynamic and yet very relaxing to the patient. After the FIRST visit, many patients will see immediate relief from pain, accompanied by decreases in the intensity and frequency of headaches.