Dr. Testimonials

Dr. Ennen Laser Testimonial

Increases Patient Routing
IR with Brain
Brain Fog
Small and Versatile

Dr Ennen Laser Testimonial Part 2

Dr. Ennen and Laser Therapy
Treating Neuro-lymphatic reflex points
Functional Medicine
Vagus Stimulator
Increased Healing time
Functional Neurology
Brain Fog treatments


Dr Parker-Dr Amy talk Laser Therapy

An overview of Avant Laser Therapy with Dr. Parker and different types of patients that can benefit from Laser Therapy.

Daniel Parker and Dr Amy talk Laser Therapy

Avant Laser Therapy training at Performance Health. Dr. Amy was able to share with Daniel the effect of Laser Therapy on a wide variety of patients with vast clinical conditions:
Nerve Damage
Peripheral Neuropathies
Loss of feeling, numbness
Frozen Shoulders
Carpal Tunnel
Scar Revision
and much more!