There Are Three (3) Steps to IMSA's Enrollment Program

We will discuss together your practice’ capability based on your geographical draw area, staffing, equipment, practice availability and your own treatment philosophy. Based on this information, we can provide a specific model with everything needed to fulfill both party’s expectations.

We would like to say that the secret to our success is the proprietary business systems and equipment that we have developed, or any number of features and benefits that we bring to the table when working with our Doctors.

However, though these are certainly a part of the needed mix for success, results really boil down to the participation of our members. As such, the most important aspect of our Academy’s success is due to the screening we do prior to accepting a new client. Together we look at a clients’ mindset philosophies as much as we look at his/her demographic and facility capabilities.

Our client members get uncommonly extra-ordinary results because they are extraordinary Doctors, who adhere to the business systems provided in their enrollment into our Integrated Migraine Solutions Academy.

There is no cost for the initial information and implementable recommendations and once accepted, results are 100% guaranteed.

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Step Two - Identify the Correct Approach

Identify the correct approach and business revenue generating model that will work for you in your practice and area. Once this is done and numbers are acceptable to both your practice and IMSA, you will be provided an invitation for enrollment.

Step Three - Enroll and Watch the Revenue Numbers Increase

Enrollment into the IMSA is the beginning of a wonderful opportunity for us to serve you and your patients, by giving you the best equipment and tools possible for extraordinary outcomes.

Together we can help patients take back their lives!

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