Transforming Lives!

Emily’s Story

Before Emily came to work for us, she had gone through some major dental challenges in her teens which lead to pain and headaches. While she was in high school, Emily had her wisdom-teeth pulled and immediately she could tell this was the tipping point in the frequency and intensity of her headaches. As she aged the headaches and pressure in her head continued to get worse, and the doctors told her the headaches were due to sinus problems.

At this point her headaches became debilitating, affecting her family, work and her passion for performing and singing in theater. Emily began to get relief immediately after we began treatments, and brought about exciting changes in her ability to sing. The Home Care program has helped her to eliminate headaches before they start and give her a wonderful tool in her physical rehabilitation process.

Jamie’s Story

Car accidents and head injuries seemed to find Jamie from the early age of 10. These major traumas coupled with two posterior crowns, really had a negative impact on Jamie’s overall health and life. She became very limited in her ability to do things without getting nauseated and going into a major headache.

Being very fitness orientated, this was a huge concern for her. Immediately after her 1st treatment, she could feel her jaw, neck and shoulders begin to relax. Jamie continued to improve through the 12-week program and is living a healthy normal life. After her treatments and renewed enthusiasm for life, Jamie came on board to help train other doctors and therapists.


What Former Patients Are Saying

Undiagnosed TMJ

MK began to experience facial pain over the last year. After multiple doctors and medications the pain got worse and began to radiate into her neck causing severe pain and swelling. She saw her Primary Care Doctor, 2 ENTs, had a CAT scan, MRI and full lab work up. She found no relief or answers from all that time and money, she was a LOST CAUSE! She drives 70 minutes each way to seek care and she says that is well worth, because we were able to diagnosis her problem and alleviate her pain.

Daily Headaches

Samantha was suffering from chronic daily headaches. 24 Ibuprofen a day was not enough to control her pain. Upon examination, the doctor was able to find the problem areas and immediately get Samantha into the headache program. After just two treatments, she was able to get headache pain relief and get off of the Ibuprofen.

13 Years Chronic Migraines

MJ has had Chronic Migraines for the past 13 years, she has seen some great doctors, been prescribed multiple medications including beta-blockers, anti-seizure and completed a round of Botox with no relief! She began looking for a more holistic approach to get away from the medications and Botox when she found us.
Medicine was not able to treat her triggers, but the migraine program has given her tremendous relief. At 75% of her way through the treatment program her migraines are not completely gone, but she has turned the corner and is very happy!

Chronic Daily Headaches

Michele was getting headaches 5-6 times a week and needed to take a narcotic drug to go to sleep. After a comprehensive examination we were able to diagnosis the underlying causes of her headaches. Michele began the headache treatment program and after her 5th visit the headaches had gone away and she continues to be headache and medications free for the last 8+ weeks.

Chronic Daily Headaches

Judy had been suffering from chronic daily headaches for the last 30 years. She thought that she was going to have to live with the headaches for the rest of her life. After being in the program for 2 weeks, she could see a major difference. She still cannot believe that when she wakes up in the morning that she is headache FREE!

Judy 15-month follow-up

Chronic Daily Headaches

For 30+ years Judy had woken up every day to a painful headache. She just thought that was the way that it was going to be for the rest of her life. In just a few weeks of treatments here headaches began to go away and 15 months after her last treatment Judy is still headache FREE! Judy is so thankful, that every morning when she wakes up refreshed, she is free of headaches and pain.