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The IDMA Academy

IDMA is dedicated to working with Dentists and Medical Doctors to increase the Standard of Care provided for patients with underdiagnosed or undertreated health issues that are not currently being provided.

By increasing the awareness of the Medical world that there are health issues that many of their patients have that a Dentist specially trained and with special equipment can play a significant role in helping these patients with their health issues. An IDMA Dentist is specially trained to identify and treat these issues that millions of patients the world over suffer from.

The Academy has researchers looking all over the world for Dentists who are working to provide their patient with more than Drill and Fill dentistry and who are developing protocols, equipment and procedures in what we call Dental Medicine. We encourage advance training for the doctors who are part of the IDMA program and we recommend additional training from several sources.

The IDMA has spent years and millions of dollars developing new proto­cols and ethical business technologies.

Many techniques developed by the Academy have become industry standards and are in effect worldwide. Academy leaders travel extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe sharing new techniques and ideals which increase the standard of care our doc­tors deliver to their patients.

Academy protocols have been scrutinized by the leading doctors worldwide proving time and again how cutting edge they are. There is simply no program or system available that does what the IDMA does.

After Completion of the IDMA Training, IDMA Recommends and Supports Advanced Dental Medicine Training From:


Dr. Nick Yiannios

Practices in Rogers, Arkansas where he established the Center for Neural Occlusion (CNO).

At the Center for Neural Occlusion we believe in measuring “TMJ” problems whenever possible. Many times the TIMING of your bite is out of alignment and that IS the root cause of your “TMJ” problems. Sometimes though, things are more complex than just your bite being off… Neural Occlusion screening greatly aids a practitioner in identifying the root cause(s) of your confounding “TMJ” and orofacial pain troubles, as they relate to your bite, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, bone and the neurology within your chewing complex.

CNO protocols assist in objectively finding a proper diagnosis (or diagnoses), followed by predictable treatment protocols, to address the root of your orofacial issues. TMJ issues are rarely psychological, though they ARE “in your head”; ligaments, muscles, cartilage, the timing and force between your teeth, bone, inflammation, and much, much more - all located within your head and neck!

Visit the CNO Website


Dr. Mark Piper

The Piper Clinic has been dedicated to delivering the highest standards of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), occlusion, and facial pain diagnosis and management. The Mission Statement of the Piper Clinic embodies the philosophy and feelings that Dr. Piper has embraced in the care of his patients for over a quarter of a century. 

The Piper Education and Research Center (PERC) was developed to help more patients by training doctors and other professionals in the parameters of care of the Piper Clinic. The educational goals set forth in the PERC Mission Statement seek to advance and to disseminate the truth about the TMJ, the occlusion, and facial pain. 

Our Motto and Logo summarize the cycle of growth and evolution of the Piper Clinic and the Piper Education and Research Center. It has been our continual effort to pursue the truth in patient care by "seeking, learning, healing, educating, and leading." 

Visit Dr. Piper's  Website

DTR & MAG in-office trainers


Brent Thompson

is an associate of IDMA living in Salt Lake City. He has been involved in BioMetrics measurements in the occlusal and TMD aspects of dentistry since the 1980’s. He has trained researchers and clinicians globally on the application, operations, and basic interpretation of T-Scan, Joint Vibration Analysis, Dental Electromyography, Mandibular Jaw Tracking, and Matscan to assess effects of dental relationships on human sway/balance.

He facilitated numerous research projects in computerized occlusal analysis. In 2015 he was acknowledged in the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine for his contributions to dentistry.


Dr. Robert Kerstein

Dr. Robert Kerstein, a prosthodontist, is the Godfather of T-Scan computerized occlusal analysis.  He has influenced every aspect of understanding, application, and improvement since the first generation T-Scan in 1984.  He was the first to find significant applications for the T-Scan and the pioneer researcher on Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) and other data applications.   In 25+ years, he has trained more doctors in more countries, in more university and offices than probably all other T-Scan lecturers combined.  Dr. Kerstein is unquestionably the most prolific author and lecturer on the T-Scan use.  

Recently, he collaborated as Head Editor with 16 international authors to create the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine, which is a 20-chapter treatise on the T-Scan technology’s.  


Dr. Scott Green

Is a general dentist in Kalispell, MT with a practice focus on bite problems, headaches, TMD and Sleep Apnea.  He lectures nationally and internationally on digital occlusion, TMD, and the use of biometrics in diagnosis and treatment.  

Dr. Green has been using the T-Scan for more than 25 years and JVA / EMG for more than 5.  He works with dentists and dental team members on use, interpretation and integration of T-Scan, JVA and EMG into their practice.  Scott has facilitated and taught at many of Dr. Robert Kerstein’s courses on Computerized Occlusal Analysis.


Dr. Terry Alford

Is a General Dentist in Bradenton, FL.  In undergraduate studies he majored in Mathematics, Physics, Aerodynamics, Biology and Chemistry.  The Dean and Professors of the University of Alabama ranked Dr. Alford at the top of his dental class upon graduation.  Dr. Alford recently received his certification in Facial Rejuvenation with PDO Threads from CosmoFrance.  

He is also one of a handful of Dentist in the United States certified in Measured Anterior guided disclusion (MAGD) & "Disclusion Time Reduction" Therapy (DTR) in the management of Oro facial and TMD Pain.  He recently earned his Masters level certification from the Center for Neural Occlsuion (CNO)

Additional Courses and Equipment Recommended and Used in the IDMA System

Digital Occlusion Seminars

Digital occlusal analysis utilizes computer-guided treatment for TMD/TMJ disorders, providing patients better quality care in less time.

Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from some sort of bite disorder. These conditions can range from minor, infrequent pain and clicking to debilitating migraines and an inability for the jaw to function. 90% of these cases are caused by the muscles in the jaw with the other 10% a result of dislocation or a degenerative joint.

Regardless of the cause, it is possible to treat these disorders with TMD/TMJ Therapy. 27 years of published research definitively show that DTR is the most effective treatment option available to today’s TMJ/TMD patient. Digital Occlusion Seminars will give you the knowledge and skills to incorporate DTR into your dental practice.

The primary goal of TMD/TMJ Therapy is to return the jaw to its proper function thereby eliminating the related symptoms. In many cases, a combination of treatments may be utilized with some improving the function of the muscles and others addressing the relationship between the teeth and bones.

BioMETRIC Training 

Interpretation, Treatment and Application of Electromyography, Joint Vibration Analysis, Mandibular Jaw Tracking, T-Scan Computerized Occlusal Analysis

Your dental treatments are altering the vertical, lateral or A/P position of your patient’s mandible and you know the need for quantifying the impact those changes are having on your patient’s craniofacial physiology. Fewer and fewer clinicians are willing to guess about their reconstructive, orthodontic or cosmetic patient’s craniofacial or stomatognathic health.

This seminar will teach the interpretation of 4 diagnostic aids for the stomatognathic system. Joint Vibration Analysis for the TMJ, Electromyography for the muscles of the head and neck, Jaw Tracking for 3D kinesiology studies and taking bite registrations and finally the T-Scan Novus for computerized occusal case finishing.

These aids can be used separately or integrated into a single system. They are taught in tandem to help highlight the interplay between TMJ, craniofacial muscles, jaw movement and position and the occlusion.

Suggested Dental Medicine Seminars

BeamReaders provides dental diagnostic imaging services with comprehensive radiology reports for CBCT and MRI scans.

BeamReaders' educational arm, Institute of Advanced Maxillofacial Imaging (IAMI), provides clinicians with a structured imaging knowledge base, allowing them to make informed decisions about imaging goals, diagnostic objectives, dosage, cost, and treatment risk.

Few medical radiologists can write a CT or MRI meaningful report for dentists.  Oral radiologists are trained in Dentistry until you learn to read your own reports.  IDMA and CNO highly suggest you use this service to properly diagnose your patients.

TMD & Sleep Dentistry Imaging:
Clinicoradiologic Correlations

April 6-7, 2018

Orlando, FL

                                 2017 ATTENDED EVENTS

Center for Neural Occlusion Level 1

Center for Center for Neural Occlusion Level 2

Center for Neural Occlusion Level 1

BioRESEARCH International training days and Users conference

T-Scan International user conference – Netherlands


American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

DTR Summit Las Vegas