Introduction to Laser Applied Neurology

Wendy Standing Neuro Exam - Part 1

Standing eyes closed
sway right and front to back
Pass Point Right (CB) and slow on the left (CB)
Parietal drift
ROM c/s with eyes closed
Flexion increases RT sway
RT and LF rotation increase RT sway
Lateral Flexion causes sway as well
Wendy gets dizzy and light headed when she stands up-Adrenal Glands
Claudication LF hand fatiques possible LF Cortex
Threndelburg RT

Wendy - Range of Motion Cervical Spine - Part 2

Rear ended with bad whiplash lots of PT
Hurniated Disk due to turnstile door did not happen
Decreased LF rotation -50%
RT rotation better
RT Lat Flexion -50%

Wendy - MRT of the Cervical Spine and Mandible

LF rotation weakness
LT Lateral Flexion weakness
TMJ MRT strong in all ROM

Wendy Car accident history - Nerve Fibers Reset - Part 4

LF rotation weakness
LT Lateral Flexion weakness
TMJ MRT strong in all ROM

Wendy - PBM on the Neck, Elbow and Wrist - Part 5

Please do not pay too much attention to the Protocol Numbers!
Multiple Injuries and 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries
Reset the Nerves at C3 Post or Anterior Step #1
3 Pain Inhibitory Centers: 1 located Dorsal Horn Spinal Cord and 2 in the Brainstem
Neck Exercises while lasering through activation Step #3 (sorry I said #4)
Turning up the Median Nerve between the Pronator-Teres muscles
Fingers were weak upon examination
Function restored after lasering with MRT to the cervical spine

TMD-Headaches-Tinnitus Therapy - Part 6

Start on IR-Muscle Balance on the Temporalis Muscles
Step #1 & 2 Reset the Nerve and laser effected areas
Step #3 Do muscle activation while lasering
Final Spot: Tip of the Jaw while the doing jaw exercises

Wendy - Reset CNs - Part 7

Advanced Cranial Nerve
MRT Laser
Near Far Gaze CN III (Edinger Wesphal N.)
Laser Reset CN III through Near Far Gaze eye movement
Cardinal Fields of eye movements

Wendy Response to PBM Therapy of the Upper Extremity - Part 8

Huge Difference in neck movement and strength

Wendy - Resetting Gait - Part 9


Wendy- Organ Up-regulation - Part 10